Kindness of Vietnamese people


(QNO) - In my mind, it is difficult to understand humanity. I am certainly sure I am not the first, nor the last to ponder such thought.

Giving gifts to Laotian people 

A group of volunteers from the Vietnamese city of Danang fundraised over 470 million VND ( over 20,000 USD), and food, clothing, and student books donated to the charity organization.

 I had been invited to participate by friends to come along and see for myself to see the end result of hard work, dedication, and kindness of Chuyến Xe 0 Đồng Đà Nẵng PVP company volunteers and its sponsors.  

I have witnessed and participated in numerous Vietnamese charity groups traveling to parts of rural provinces of Vietnam.

And each group showed extreme human kindness to people affected by disaster, poverty, health, and education.

But this large group of volunteers had a different purpose, helping Lao people.

Vietnam- Laos special fair without money 

Most people in the mountain ethnic minorities of Laos, especially those who lived in the Tay Giang and Nam Giang border districts of Quang Nam province (Vietnam) and Sekong province (Laos) live below the poverty line.

Governments of both Laos and Vietnam have combined to help reducing the pressures of life faced by the people of rural Sekong province by providing gifts to them, such as on the occasion of the Lao New Year or called Pi Mai held every year on the 13th-14th of April.

This time, several tons of gifts for the Lao people were departed from Da Nang city.

Arriving in Nam Giang check border checkpoint at 2 pm, we met officers from the Vietnam Border Control who helped us unload and stack all the items that would be handed out as gifts the following day.

 Lao people in Sekong province

The following morning, our group established a work station to hand out the gifts.  About 600 Lao men, women, and children who had been welcomed to cross into Vietnam were handed the many gifts by Vietnamese people.

As a foreigner living amongst the Vietnamese people, I know that Vietnamese people have a  sharing, caring, loving, and very friendly approach to others.  



Quang Nam supports Sekong against Covid-19 prevention


(QNO) - The Quang Nam provincial authorities have just offered medical supplies to Sekong province of Laos to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic.