First Full Moon Festival in Hoi An


(QNO) - The First Full Moon Festival in Hoi An was recognised as a national intangible cultural heritage on February 2, 2023.

The Full Moon Festival in Hoi An
The Full Moon Festival in Hoi An

Legend has it that the First Full Moon is the day of God blessing; so, it is significant to offer sacrifices to pray for peace and good fortune.

The First Full Moon is also a festival recognised in the hope that everything is going well during the new year.

On the occasion of the First Full Moon Festival, communal houses, temples and assembly halls in Hoi An are decorated with lights and flowers luxuriously.

The atmosphere is also as bustling and joyful as the Tet Festival. It is considered one of the tourism products in the UNESCO heritage city.

Reportedly, the Full Moon Festival Hoi An 2023 will be held with several interesting and exciting activities, including the Ancient Town Eve taking place on the evening of February 4, the First Full Moon Poetry Night at Cam Pho communal house from 19:30 to 21:30 on February 4, and the streets for pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles on February 6 in the ancient quarter.


Hoi An: from a heritage city to a creative city


(QNO) - Hoi An city of Quang Nam province chooses to join the UNESCO creative cities network in crafts and folk arts.

Hoi An images on Metaverse


(QNO) - Metaverse platform for tourism promotion has just been officially launched by Hoi An city, Quang Nam province. Earlier, Hoi An city collaborated with Bizverse through a tourism digital transformation project called Hoi An Metaverse to promote Hoi An tourism to the public.