Enlarging My Son Sanctuary conservation area


The landscape park of My Son is set up to preserve and develop the natural landscapes and ecosystem, historical and cultural values in this area.

My Son Sanctuary landscape park
My Son Sanctuary landscape park

Forest ecosystem protection

The ecosystem around the My Son Sanctuary (in Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district) is very significant. It helps reduce negative impacts of natural disasters, maintain biodiversity and develop the local forestry.

So, the project on My Son landscape park will help protect and promote natural, historical and cultural values there.

Accordingly, there will be 36 hectares of forest to be replanted and restored in 5 years besides over 1,100 hectares of well-preserved natural forest. It is home to 238 species of flora and 37 fauna species. Several of them are rare species listed in Vietnam’s Red Data Book.

The landscape park of My Son contributes to enlarging the conservation area of this world cultural heritage.

Lever for tourism development

The project on My Son landscape park was approved on August 13, 2020. It is considered to provide the My Son Sanctuary world cultural heritage with new potential for tourism development such as infrastructure construction, landscape improvement and tourist attraction upgrading.

There will also be a living space at night in the My Son landscape park. Hopefully, the enlarged space of the My Son Sanctuary conservation area will help attract more visitors to My Son and they will also spend more time there.

According to some travel agencies, the space around My Son Sanctuary has a great potential for tourism development. Several types of tourism may be developed there such as climbing, adventure tourism, wildlife tourism and green tourism.