Co Tu brocade weaving


The refinement of traditional brocade products helps preserve the brocade culture and bring the quintessence of Co Tu brocade weaving to domestic and foreign markets.

Products made of Co Tu brocade at a fair
Products made of Co Tu brocade at a fair

Ađhir- a Za Ra product is a kind of bags that are made of brocade weaved by Co Tu ethnic people in Ta Bhing commune, Nam Giang district, Quang Nam province.

It is popular all over the country because of its typical colours and patterns. Besides, it is diverse in design, meeting the customers’ demands.

Thanks to the support from the local government, the Foundation for International Development/ Relief (FIDR) and several travel agencies, Za Ra products have been introduced to the public and become more and more popular in Vietnam.

The products of Za Ra brand are sold not only for visitors as souvenirs but also in different places through fairs in the country.

It is noteworthy that Ađhir was recognized as a 3-star product in the OCOP (one commune-one product) programme in 2018, which gave Co Tu brocade a chance to affirm its brand name.

Co Tu brocade is used to make clothes and bags in different designs that are very attractive to both the young and the old.

These products are frequently renovated in the hope that Co Tu brocade products are popular with both the Co Tu people and others.

So, renovated products can help improve Co Tu people’s income, attracting the youth to weaving brocade, preserving the traditional Co Tu weaving arts.