“Ao dai” in Hoi An streets


The street performance of Ao dai (a traditional Vietnamese costume) which will take place in Hoi An every Saturday evening as of January 2021 is aimed at introducing and promoting its beauty, contributing to its journey to a national intangible cultural heritage.

Ao dai performance in Hoi An
Ao dai performance in Hoi An

The show called “Dáng phố” (street figures) features the beauty and history of the traditional Vietnamese costume.

In the show, audience have chances to watch different styles of Ao dai in different regions throughout the country from the past till now.

The props used in the show are pedicabs, bicycles, lanterns, and conical hats. It is the performance of 40 models through the streets of Tran Phu, Chau Thuong Van, Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoang Van Thu, Bach Dang to An Hoi bridge, wooden bridge and Japanese Bridge.

The performance is a new tourism product that helps honour the beauty of the traditional Vietnamese costume of Ao dai. It is a cultural feature associated with Vietnamese lives, especially with the beauty of Vietnamese women.

Ao dai and its significances

Ao dai is the clothing not only for Vietnamese women but for Vietnamese men. In the past, Vietnamese men wore ao dai and turban.

Ao dai for men included 4 designs, one for kings and officials, another for soldiers, the public one used in worship and civvies.

According to researchers, Ao dai is not only a cultural heritage but also a national pride. So, it is necessary to restore the traditional costume, turning Ao dai into a symbol of Vietnamese culture, of Vietnamese women.