Alan L. Brooks: A warm-hearted person


(QNO) - The 30th anniversary of the Scholarship Fund sponsored by Dr. Alan L. Brooks (1993 - 2023) has recently been held in Tam Ky city.

Huynh Van Luan offering scholarships to students
Huynh Van Luan offering scholarships to students

On this occasion, Dr. Brooks scholarships were awarded to good students in difficult conditions in the school year 2023 - 2024.

30 years ago, Brooks - an American veteran who used to work at a hospital in Quang Tin province before 1975, returned to Vietnam in 1993. 

He helped Quang Nam General Hospital with medical equipment and devices worth 3 thousand dollars.

Huynh Van Luan, who used to be a teacher living and working in Tam Ky then, had a meeting with Brooks by chance.

He convinced Brooks to give Tam Ky 1.2 thousand dollars to establish a scholarship fund for good students with poor conditions.

Since then, Mr. Luan has worked as a connection with Doctor Brooks and has given his scholarships to students in Tam Ky city.

The scholarship fund has expanded to Thang Binh and Hiep Duc districts.

According to Deputy Chairman of Tam Ky city, Nguyen Hong Lai - the Doctor Brooks scholarship fund shows Brooks’ special love for students in Tam Ky.

The number of scholarships has continuously increased; each of them is VND2 million for secondary school students and VND12 million for higher education students.

There have been 1,400 scholarships, with nearly VND1.8 billion, given to students in Tam Ky city since 1993.

In 2028, the Tam Ky city’s People’s Committee gave the Phan Chu Trinh award to Brooks for what he had done for Tam Ky city.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Doctor Brooks Scholarship Fund (1993 - 2023), 81 scholarships (VND172 million) were awarded to students in Tam Ky city and juniors of the staff working in the Quang Nam General Hospital.

Reporting by X.PHU - Translated by Q.THU