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Smart urban areas in Quang Nam

Translated by Q.THU Mar 22, 2024 22:14

The smart urban construction project in Quang Nam province has finished the drafts of smart urban areas, Tam Ky, Hoi An, Dien Ban, and Nui Thanh, after 3 years of implementation.

Mid-term report on smart urban project in Quang Nam

7 components and 5 key issues

The Tam Ky smart urban construction project was approved in April 2021 and is expected to finish by 2025. It is sponsored by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in Vietnam.

According to Nguyen Minh Nam, Deputy Chairman of the Tam Ky city People’s Committee, the goals of the project are to develop strategies, plans and gradually build smart infrastructure and services in the city.

The project will create competitiveness for urban areas, improve the capacities of state management, and contribute to socio-economic development in Quang Nam and Tam Ky.

Also, the project aims to build a model for smart cities in Vietnam with the support of the Government of South Korea.

The project includes 7 components, including an overall strategy for smart cities in Quang Nam and a master plan for smart city development in Tam Ky, setting up the database of the Tam Ky urban area, developing a smart city data platform, smart urban pilot services, the construction and operation of a smart city operation centre, training and improving capacities, project management, and promotion.

Scene of the mid-term report on the smart urban project in Quang Nam

According to experts from South Korea, the results from the infrastructure construction in Tam Ky show poor conditions for the exploitation of linkage and integration functions.

So it is necessary to plan and implement the project on building smart urban areas effectively and sustainably. The project focuses on five keys: traffic, safety, healthcare, travel, and industry.

Completion of the operation

The project on smart urban areas in Quang Nam has had some certain achievements after 3 years of implementation.

They include an overall draft of smart urban areas and strategies for smart urban areas in Quang Nam (i.e., Tam Ky, Hoi An, Dien Ban, and Nui Thanh) and a master plan for Tam Ky smart city development.

Besides, there is the database software for Tam Ky smart city that is expected to come into operation by 2024.

An overall diagram of pilot smart urban area services

This platform aims to support operations related to urban policy and management based on the database built from the project.

It also supports interaction with citizens, sharing, and exploiting public information with the community.

Some pilot smart services in Tam Ky city, including public cameras, river flood warnings, and public wifi, have been basically installed.

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Smart urban areas in Quang Nam