Youths towards National Islands and Seas


(QNO) - The event Youths and National Islands and Seas has just taken place in Tan Hiep commune (Cham Islands, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province).

Youths’ works: Lighting rural roads.
Youths’ works: Lighting rural roads.

Love expressed by music

The event consists of an artistic programme of love for country. Its music performances focus on praising Uncle Ho, national seas and islands, fishermen’s and soldiers’ tasks. It is one of the activities to express their gratitude to people and soldiers on the borders, seas and islands, including Contributions to building Spratly, Green Spratly, clinging to the seas with fishermen, Border in my heart, For national seas and islands and so on.

The event aims to increase the youth’s awareness and responsibilities towards sovereignty over border, seas and islands. Through the event, the youths have chance to help people and soldiers in these regions. The event is also of the movement of 50 years of executing Uncle Ho’s testament.

Significant works

25 solar lamp posts have been installed to light Cham Islands. It costs about VND35 million which results from the youths’ donation. These lamps neither use nor depend on national electrical grid, so it is really significant and fit for climate conditions on the islands, especially in the rainy season.

Besides, the youths helped to collect garbage on the beach, which contributes to making the environment clean and the landscape beautiful.

On this occasion, 10 scholarships were offered to students who are in poor families; 200 eco-bags were given to people on the islands.