World responses to PCA ruling

Source: VOV |

(QNO) - Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on July 13 that China's reputation and ambitions of becoming a world leader would suffer if it ignored the PCA East Sea ruling.

The Australian FM called on all parties to respect the ruling, which she described as final and legally binding.

Bishop said she expected to speak with her counterparts in China and the Philippines in coming days and expected the ruling to be discussed at the upcoming ASEAN and East Asia Summit meetings in mid-July. 

Malaysia Foreign Ministry called for peace, security and stability by refraining from use of force in the East Sea. 

India acknowledged the PCA ruling and urged relevant countries to settle disputes by peaceful means.

Filipino Foreign Minister Perfector Yasay said there is an open opportunity to hold talks with China on the enforcement of the ruling.

He said Beijing and Manila pledged to refrain from provocation before the ruling was handled.

Source: VOV