Planting 3,000 coral groups in Cham islands

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(QNO) - After 3 years of carrying out the study on applying technology to revive some species of hard coral at Cham Islands Marine Protected Area (MPA), 3,000 colonies of coral have grown well in more than 2,700 square meters at Bac and Tra beaches. They were planted by the Management Board of the Cham Islands MPA (Hoi An city, Quang Nam province). The survival rate of these coral colonies reaches 78% and their annual average growth is 5.36cm. Besides, there are nearly 600 colonies of coral seedlings planted in two arboreta at Bo and Nan beaches with the survival rate of 99%.

The successful restoration of coral reefs has contributed to marine environmental regulation in Cham Islands, providing nutrition, habitat and reproduction for many rare aquatic species in Cua Dai beach, Cham Islands. The success initiated the Quang Nam provincial People's Committee’s decision to apply the study into Quang Nam reality.