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Response to the Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day in Tam Ky

Translated by HO THU Apr 21, 2024 09:19

(QNO) - In response to the 2024 Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day, Tam Ky City (Quang Nam) opened the Book and Reading Culture Festival at 24/3 Square on April 19.

Nguyen Minh Nam, Acting Chairman of the Tam Ky City People's Committee, delivered the opening speech at the festival.

Present at the event were leaders of Quang Nam Province and Tam Ky City, as well as the locals.

Leaders and people at the event

Giving a speech at the event, Nguyen Minh Nam, Acting Chairman of the Tam Ky City People’s Committee, said that reading has become a familiar activity, an essential and personal need, and a cultural beauty.

It helps nurture the human soul and personality towards noble human values. As such, reading contributes to creating the cultural foundation and internal strength that lead to and promote national development and prosperity.

Nguyen Thi Thu Lan, Head of the Propaganda Department of the Quang Nam Provincial Party Committee at the event

Tam Ky City has recently paid much attention to developing the reading movement and building the reading culture in order to build a global learning city, as initiated by UNESCO.

The city coordinates to annually organise book and reading culture days, book author exchanges, displays, and exhibitions of books, newspapers, and cultural publications at major events in Tam Ky. Reading culture is also carried out in schools and communities.

Flowers for partners with the event

Reading rooms in the city have been equipped and supplemented with new books. More and more readers of different ages go to the library and reading rooms, especially school libraries, which promotes innovative and creative activities.

In particular, the Tam Ky City Digital Library came into operation in 2023. It is the first community digital library in Vietnam, with nearly 4000 books in different fields. This library provides a good space for online reading and groupwork.

Quang Nam leaders at the book booth of the Truth National Political Publishing Houses

At the opening ceremony, Nguyen Minh Nam called on the development of a reading movement in families, communities, schools, offices, etc. to build a learning society for sustainable growth.

Moms and children are reading together.

Reportedly, Tam Ky will develop public reading cultural spaces, promote the development of family and village libraries, upgrade school libraries, launch a movement of experiment-based learning and extracurricular activities on reading culture, and build an ambassador of Tam Ky reading culture.

Tran Cao Van High School’s book booth

Also at the opening ceremony of the Book and Reading Culture Festival, Nguyen Thi Thu Lan, authorized by Secretary of the Quang Nam Provincial Party Committee Luong Nguyen Minh Triet, gave 130 books to the Tam Ky City Community Digital Library.

Readers at the Tre Publishing House’s booth

The Tam Ky Book and Reading Culture Festival is aimed at spreading the love of books to the public and building and developing the reading culture in the city's community life.

A family of readers at the Kim Dong Publishing House’s booth

The Book and Reading Cultural Festival takes place from the 19th to the 21st of April at the 24/3 Square.

There are different activities, including the display and exhibition of books, book and cultural publication presentations, experiencing the digital community library, a contest of book introductions under the theme of Dien Bien Echoes for kids.

Students at the event

In addition, there are exchanges of books, a gala named My Volunteer, Your Sharing, and performance art programmes.

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Response to the Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day in Tam Ky