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Quang Nam to become a regional logistics centre

Translated by Q.THU Apr 10, 2024 17:25

(QNO) - During its 21 years of operation in Quang Nam, THACO (Truong Hai Auto Corporation) has focused on developing the provincial infrastructure of transportation, including roads, seaport, and airport, in the hope of turning Quang Nam into a regional logistics centre in the near future.

Tran Ba Duong, Chairman of THACO. Photo: congthuong.vn

At the announcement ceremony of the Quang Nam provincial planning for the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050, Tran Ba Duong, Chairman of THACO, said that the corporation had invested in infrastructure and manufacturing development, starting with assembling cars and producing spare parts. Then, THACO gradually increased automation and logistics, which was not developed in Central Vietnam over a decade ago.

THACO has become a leading enterprise specialising in automotive mechanics, mechanical manufacturing, and supporting industries in Quang Nam. THACO is making every effort to ensure the sustainable development of the corporation and Quang Nam Province.

According to Tran Ba Duong, the systems of seaport and airport THACO invested in Quang Nam have come into operation.

At the same time, the corporation has been developing large-scale farming models in Laos, Cambodia, and the Central Highlands so that the values of these systems can be fully exploited.

THACO is keeping its sustainable investment in Quang Nam. The corporation will develop waterways and roads in accordance with Quang Nam provincial planning, facilitating the development of Quang Nam into a logistics centre in Central Vietnam. Among them are the Cua Lo project and the road from Southern Laos to Chu Lai through Northern Cambodia and the Central Highlands.

Reportedly, THACO will continue its investment in Chu Lai, focusing on heavy industry, auto parts and accessories, machinery, agriculture, and the pharmaceutical industry.

According to THACO’s 5-year strategy (2022-2027), the corporation will build Quang Nam to be a national multi-purpose mechanical and automobile centre, developing supporting industries and providing logistics services by 2027, 3 years earlier than the provincial target.

THACO-ChuLai. Photo: congthuong.vn

Quang Nam currently has a lot of policies on investment attraction. THACO hopes to have more and more investors’ companionship in the journey ahead, thereby contributing to building a strong business community and developing Quang Nam province, as well as Central Vietnam.

The Quang Nam provincial planning for the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050, focuses on industrial development towards a circular economy, specialisation, and high automation.

At the same time, Quang Nam will rapidly increase the proportion of processing and manufacturing industries, making it a key component of the provincial economy.

The province also promotes the development of the automobile manufacturing and assembly industry, and mechanical, electrical, and electronic products.

Thereby, a national multi-purpose mechanical and automobile centre will be founded with the development of supporting industries associated with logistics services.

(Source: Photo: congthuong.vn)

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Quang Nam to become a regional logistics centre