Young pharmacist and natural cosmetics


Natural cosmetics are good for consumers’ health, so Tran Thi Thuy Tien from An Dong group, Tan Binh town, Hiep Duc district has made organic cosmetics under brand Hena Lab.

Ms. Tien’s herbal shampoo bag- the innovative start-up idea at the provincial level in 2019
Ms. Tien’s herbal shampoo bag- the innovative start-up idea at the provincial level in 2019

Provincial-level innovation

After graduating from university, Thuy Tien wants to make organic cosmetic pharmaceuticals instead of industrial cosmetic products.

Her herbal shampoo product originated when she solved her hair problems by using medicinal herbs in Quang Nam. She tried to study medicinal properties of some flora species.

In early 2019, her first product – herbal shampoo bag was made from 10 species of medicinal herbs. It was recognised as an innovative start-up idea at the provincial level in 2019.

60% of feedback from customers about her herbal shampoo bag was positive. 40% of it wanted her to improve the design to make it more beautiful and convenient.

Besides improving the shampoo product, she promoted to build her brand name. Until now, she has made 13 products; 5 of them have undergone the quality verification.

Stable outcome

Tran Thi Thuy Tien
Tran Thi Thuy Tien

Price of the product is a problem start-ups as Thuy Tien meet. Besides, the limit of medicinal herbs is also a difficulty that need resolved. So, she decided to invest in planting medicinal herbs to ensure the raw materials for her production.

Her organic products always meet the standards and criteria for safety, effectiveness and environmental friendliness.

She needs an average of 1 ton of medicinal herbs a year. There are 500 products of all kinds to be produced each day. Most of them are provided for beauty salons in Quang Nam and Da Nang.

Therefore, Tien has stable income and can create seasonal jobs for the locals. Interestingly, Tien’s herbal smoking tablets have entered the semi-finals of the contest of creative start-up ideas for rural youth launched by the Central Youth Union.