The young and clean agriculture


(QNO) - The young make friends with clean agriculture by their passion and rich knowledge.

The young’s model of clean agriculture.
The young’s model of clean agriculture.

One of the reason the young come with clean agriculture is the hot problem of food safety and hygiene. There are hundreds of the models of growing clean vegetables using modern and advanced technology in Quang Nam now.

Nguyen Van Nhan (living in Dien Hoa, Dien Ban) is one of the young people who invest in agriculture. He wishes to build his 2000m2 farm a natural clean ecology. The farm can now provide enough clean vegetables for his family.

Another model of clean agriculture is Nguyen Thi Y’s hydroponic garden. At present, her 1200m2 vegetable garden can supply clean vegetables to consumers.

An Farm Hoi An (Cam Ha, Hoi An) comes with the awareness of a healthy environment. It is a clean agricultural model combined with tourism. This 7000m2 farm is owned by three young persons, Le Pham Thien Hang, Tran Van Thoi and Le Tan Huy.

Bui Thi Thanh Suong’s 2000m2 vegetable garden in Dien Ngoc, Dien Ban is another address of clean vegetables in Quang Nam, where the young often come to learn about farming and clean agriculture. It is named Kapi.

At the same time, the young being interested in clean agriculture set up some forums on the Internet to share their experience of their interests and start-up. The Vietnamese agricultural start-up club is an example where everybody young loving clean agriculture can find the information they need.

Loving farming is a signal that is encouraged among the young. It is not just a livelihood, a start-up but a love for their fatherland.