The successful steps of a compassionate heart


(QNO) - Mr Vo Quang Ba was born and grew up in Duy Trinh commune, Duy Xuyen district - a rural land of fondness of learning and rich revolutionary tradition.

Mr Vo Quang Ba
Mr Vo Quang Ba

Being inherited the traditional values of family, therefore, when going to Saigon to live with his family, the young man of Quang Nam land awoke to the revolutionary ideas and joined the liberation force. At the age of 15, Ba many times  broke into  the Ministry of Socials (MS) and The Education Department of Saigon - Gia Dinh Special Zone  of Saigon  regime to implement secrete missions. The MS trusted Ba and introduced to joint the Social Operation Teams in three provinces Gia Dinh, Binh Duong and Bien Hoa. He was also permitted to organised free mathematics, physics, chemistry classes and mobilized scholarships to support poor students. One year later, Ba was suspected and arrested. Without any evidences found, however, the enemy had to release Ba.

After the country’s reunification (30 April 1975), with the will of a young man, Ba came back university  to learn, practice and improve his knowledge in business and investment to contribute to the development of the  homeland. After graduating, Ba continued to fight against many difficulties to create his new future. Once again, Ba overcame the poverty, achieved many successes in both doing business and life.

Starting with the managing position: Deputy Director of the District 4 Import -  Export  Supply Company (KHAHOMEX) in Ho Chi Minh City, Ba invited  scientists, experts from the technical and industrial sectors and engineers graduated from universities of France, Switzerland, Russia, USA…to organise the SCITECH, STC. It was the first IT Joint stock Company of Vietnam after liberation. Afterward, he organised some other companies: Industry and Technique Development Joint Venture Company (IDC), Tan Viet Long Co, LTD (TAVICO). These companies have made favourable conditions for the scientists to promote and devote their talent and ability for the country’s development. The success of the above companies was a spectacular turning point in Vietnam in the years 1989 – 1995.

Anti-wearing 3side-Conveyor Chain
The Patent for “Anti-wearing 3side-Conveyor Chain”

He was granted the Patent number 492 for ‘The Thread Tfo-twister stake” (according to the Decision No 08/QDSC, dated 21st August 1998); Patent number 4167 for “The Bark Peeling Structure” (according to the Decision No A540/QD-DK, dated 9st March 2004); Patent number 5006 for “Anti-wearing 3side-Conveyor Chain” (according to the Decision No A7940/QD-DK, dated 25st July 2005) by the Department of Intellectual Property of Vietnam and other 11 inventions.

To recognize what Ba had contributed to the country, the State Chairman , the People’s Committee and  The Vietnam Father Fronts Committee of Quang Nam province granted  him Quyet Thang Medal – 3rd Class; Resistance Medal – 2nd Class , many honourable titles and Certificates of Merit.

Mr Vo Quang Ba has not been only known as a successful businessman and technical inventor, but a pioneer in social-charitable activities. He himself founded  many charity funds such as “Caring forpoor people” with an initial  amount of 220 million VND,  the “ Starting Business Great Family” ( 2 billion VND), “Hunger Alleviation and  Proverty Reduction” in Duy Trinh Commune (435 million VND), “Scholarship for poor pupils, students” and “For The Cause of Education and Health” in Duy Son commune…Mr Ba also supported 30 million VND  to Phu Dong Secodary School (Duy Trinh commune) to buy 18 portable computes; 30million VND to Duy Xuyen Education Promotion Association, 30million VND to build The Cultural House of Dong Yen Hamlet , 70 million VND to buy teaching and learning equipments for Duy Trinh Kindergarten school; 30 million VND to help poor farmers in Duy Son commune and granted  money to local social movements.

Vo Quang Ba paying more attention to educate his descendents to become good persons. He is ready to assist his neighbours to overcome their difficulties and misfortune. With the good heart of a person living far from the native land, Ba always expects all poor farmers in his native land will have a more and more happy life.