Start-ups, adaption and survival amid coronavirus epidemic


(QNO) - Several enterprises have been falling in crisis due to the Covid-19 epidemic. It’s the time they showed their bravery and creativity to adapt to the new context.

A start-up’s adaption to the complicated context of Covid-19
A start-up’s adaption to the complicated context of Covid-19


During the time of Covid-19, several start-ups have changed with different new services and products to meet the market demand.

Some models of takeaways were born instead of onsite services. Customers can buy what they want online via facebook, tiktok, Baemin, Loship, Now, etc. and the goods will be delivered to their home.

An example of the effective change is a chain of tofu stalls named Singapore Yummy in Da Nang city, launched in June 2021 by Nguyen Van Duong from Dien Ban district (Quang Nam province), with a turnover of VND100 million of transfer.

In the coming time, Singapore Yummy Tofu will be present in some localities in Quang Nam such as Hoi An, Dien Ban, Tam Ky.

Another success comes from Tam Thai commune, Phu Ninh district, Quang Nam province.

Huynh Duc Anh has built a 300-m2 hydroponic vegetable garden instead of enlarging his Mokara orchid garden, providing different kinds of clean vegetables for local customers.

Reportedly, his income from the vegetable garden is around VND15 million a month.

Overcoming difficulties

According to experts, start-ups should change to adapt to the current social context. To overcome difficulties, start-ups should focus on three factors: human resources, process and technology.

They have to improve their staffs’ knowledge and skills so that their workforce becomes motivated and ready for change and adapting to change. At the same time, offline sales should be changed to online sales.

In addition, a lot of current support packages from start-up nurseries, ecosystems and state agencies have helped start-ups overcome their difficulties, maintaining their businesses.


5 in 1 start-up model


(QNO) - It is a 5 in 1 start-up model that is owned by Duong Vinh Phuc from Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province. It includes a solar power system, a swallow house, a Cordyceps farming room, a processing room and a showroom.