Start-up with green tourism


(QNO) - Heal Organic Farm is the new name attracting the attention in Hoi An start-up community because of its combination between organic farming and green tourism.

Tran Huynh Hai Yen and her green tourism model
Tran Huynh Hai Yen and her green tourism model
Heal Organic Farm located in Cam Chau ward, Hoi An city came into operation in July, 2019. In this 1-ha garden, there are approximately 40 types of vegetables and fruit including passion fruit, aloe vera, roselle, okra and oyster mushroom.

Besides fresh fruit and vegetables, the farm provides the market with processed products such as tea or drinks made from roselle and aloe vera.

According to Tran Huynh Hai Yen - Executive Director of Hoi An Cooperative of Sustainable Farming and Services, the cooperative was born with the aim of combining farming with green tourism in order to raise the values of safe farming products, contributing to increasing farmers’ income.

9 members of the cooperative are assigned to do their own tasks such as agricultural production, processing products, bio-technology, environment, markets and tourism development.

Heal Organic Farm does not use chemicals during the process of farming. Fertilizers and pesticides are all of organic origin. At present, the cooperative sells its safe vegetables and fruit online. In the future, the cooperative will be a place for visitors to experience some farming activities.

Heal Organic Farm is one of several start-ups in Hoi An pursuing green tourism which is considered to be suitable for Hoi An, where tourism accounts for over 70% of the city’s economic structure.