Quang Nam and green start-up spirit


All the activities in Quang Nam are now focusing on green goals, such as Quang Nam- a green tourism destination, Quang Nam- green innovative start-up, Sustainable green start-up ecosystem.

Secretary of the Quang Nam provincial Party Committee Phan Viet Cuong at Techfest Quang Nam 2022
Secretary of the Quang Nam provincial Party Committee Phan Viet Cuong at Techfest Quang Nam 2022

Green start-up

Green start-up is the spirit of the 3rd Techfest Quang Nam 2022 to be held in the Quang Nam Centre of Culture recently.

Techfest Quang Nam 2022 took place with the participation of over 200 booths and 600 start-up products along with several conferences, workshops and forums on start-up.

It was expected to be a good chance to advertising start-up products and commercial promotion.

Under the theme of Green start-up, Techfest Quang Nam 2022 is one of the activities of the National Tourism Year- Quang Nam 2022.

At the same time, the event wanted to send a message of green start-up to provincial and regional start-up communities.

A start-up product at Techfest Quang Nam 2022
A start-up product at Techfest Quang Nam 2022

At the event, Quang Nam leaders promised to accompany provincial start-up community. They hoped that Quang Nam start-up products would be environmentally friendly and safe for consumers’ health.

Igniting start-up spirit

Techfest Quang Nam 2022 witnessed the participation of many local and foreign investment funds, national and regional star-up advisors.

It was an opportunity to popularise Quang Nam start-up ideas and products, to connect components in the start-up ecosystem in order to exploit local resources effectively, create innovative start-up corridors, and facilitate start-ups’ innovation.

A tech-booth at Techfest Quang Nam 2022
A tech-booth at Techfest Quang Nam 2022

The start-up movement is developing strongly everywhere in Quang Nam province with the participation of both urban and rural young people.

Techfest Quang Nam 2022 is an opportunity for them to promote their innovation and spread the spirit of innovative start-up.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of Vietnam Tran Van Tung highly appreciated Techfest Quang Nam 2022 and local  integrated start-up models.

However, it is necessary to create a provincial start-up network in Quang Nam, to have a close contact with successful start-ups and experts to make a more effective start-up community, and then to build an open start-up ecosystem.

The ministry will accompany and support Quang Nam to develop the provincial start-up ecosystem.


Connecting Quang Nam start-ups with investors


(QNO) - A seminar on connecting Quang Nam start-ups with investors/investment funds has just been oragnised in Quang Nam province.

Quang Nam plans to host the National Start-up Year


(QNO) - The first meeting about the plan for the National Start-up Year- Quang Nam 2023 occurred on June 16, 2022 under the chairmanship of Le Tri Thanh- Chairman of the Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee.

Green start-ups in Quang Nam


(QNO) - Green start-up is very significant for Quang Nam to perfect its plan for green and sustainable development.