Quang Nam agarwood goes abroad


(QNO) - Phan Van Quyen’s agarwood start-up products are now present at different foreign markets, such as Dubai, the U.S, China, Japan, and France.

Contrast signing ceremony between Quyen and King Group
Contrast signing ceremony between Quyen and King Group

After graduating from university, Quyen had chances to get acquainted with the scent of agarwood.

He recognised this good scent not only in Vietnam but in different countries such as Myanmar, Singapore, Cambodia, and Thailand.

However, most of the agarwood scents from incense are not natural but chemical, which may have bad impacts to human health.

Meanwhile, agarwood from his hometown - Nong Son district, Quang Nam province - is mainly used to make artworks and jewels but not to develop such products as incense.

So, he decided to start at the production of incense buds and sticks, then extracting agarwood essential oil.

Fortunately, Quyen’s agarwood essential oil is popular with people in different local and international markets.

So, it is exported to many countries, including the UAE, the US, Australia, China, Canada, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea.

Quyen is now planning to cooperate with more local people to have an abundant and quality source of raw agarwood materials for his increasing production which meets market demands.


The first start-up fair in Tam Ky city


(QNO) - The first start-up fair was opened in Co.opMart supermarket in Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province on March 10.

Gie Trieng girl’s start-up


(QNO) - Ho Thuy Thi Linh- a Gie Trieng girl begins her start-up project with lemon glue which is a 3-star OCOP product of Quang Nam.

Start-up with cordyceps


(QNO) - Attracted by the colour and pharmaceutical values of cordyceps (or caterpillar fungus), Vo Thu Thuy from Nui Thanh district of Quang Nam province decided to start her business with this precious medicinal mushroom.