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Duy Nghia |

(QNO) - Essential oils made by the Tien Phuoc Green Agricultural Medicines Cooperative fathered by Vo Duy Nghia have been popular with their customers.

Vo Duy Nghia decided to leave for his homeland after a long time of working as a tourist guide. He cooperated with some farmers in the district to found the Tien Phuoc Green Agricultural Medicines Cooperative, where essential oils are derived from local botanical sources such as cinnamon, citronella, pomelo, goose grass, ginger, turmeric, and others. The input materials for his manufacturer are always plentiful and come from local farmers. So, his products are originally identified based on their brands and bar-codes. As modern technology is applied in processing materials and production, the quality of Nghia’s products is always ensured, which maintains his customers’ confidence. At the same time, the cost price is lower than that of other brands. Moreover, the products here are rather varied. For example, there are 22 cinnamon attars used for different purposes. Therefore, they are relatively attractive to consumers.

Though there has not been an official inauguration of the Tien Phuoc Green Agricultural Medicines Cooperative yet, its attars are present everywhere in the country and in the world through tourists.

Nghia’s life has always been attached to learning and studying. As a doctoral candidate in anthropology, he is still going on his study. For him, studying helps him so much in doing business. He always challenges himself. Producing attars seems not to be related to his study; however, it is what he has studied in his real life. According to Nghia, the area of medicinal plants has been invested and expanded. So he believes in the success of the Tien Phuoc Green Agricultural Medicines Cooperative, thinking of a closed loop production system from growing medicinal plants to producing essential oils in the future.