Pervasive aspiration towards start-up in Quang Nam


(QNO) - On the occasion of TechFest Quang Nam 2023, the book about pervasive aspiration towards start-up in Quang Nam was jointly released to respond to Quang Nam Start-up Year 2023 by the Quang Nam Journalists’ Association and the provincial Innovative Start-up Steering Committee.

 The book about pervasive aspiration towards start-up in Quang Nam  

The book is composed of more than 100 articles published in Quang Nam newspapers since 2020, talking about provincial innovative start-ups in different fields.

It is aimed at encouraging and motivating the start-up movement in Quang Nam.

The stories in the book come from different areas of the province, but they share a common feature: the passion and desire to bring their hometown’s products to the world.

On the journey of start-up, the young are always accompanied by the press. Therefore, Quang Nam start-ups have continuously appeared in the mass media, thereby contributing to spreading their start-up spirit and nurturing the start-up desire.

Reporting by C.NU - Translated by Q.THU


Excellent start-up products in 2023


(QNO) - Recently, the start-up products in Quang Nam province, taking advantage of local resources, have attracted a large number of consumers.

Start-up festival in Duy Xuyen


(QNO) - The opening ceremony of the Duy Xuyen Start-up Festival 2023 was held at the Centre for Culture, Sports, and Broadcasting of Duy Xuyen district (Quang Nam province) on September 22.

Start-up with broth mix from vegetables


(QNO) - The products by Nguyen Thi Quynh Nga from Hoi An city (Quang Nam province) are made from vegetables. Among them is broth mix branded Long Hoa, which won the first prize in the Quang Nam innovative and creative start-up ideas contest 2023.