Ngo Huu Hoan - a businessman desires to make difference

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(QNO) – Ngo Huu Hoan was born and grew up in Mo Duc, a poor district of Quang Ngai province. After graduating a BA degree from Ho Chi Minh Economic University in 1977, he worked for the Statistics Office of Ho Chi Minh City. One year later, like other Vietnamese young intellectuals, he joined the army and  fought in Cambodia. In 1981, he came back home and worked for HCMC General material company.

Mr. Ngo Huu Hoan at the inauguration of the building Thien Nam
Mr. Ngo Huu Hoan at the inauguration of the building Thien Nam

In 2005, inspite of having a stable job and many promotion opportunities were waiting ahead, Ngo  Huu Hoan decided to leave the place that he spent nearly 25 years to get a new job at  Thien Nam Trading - import and export JS company, an enterprise specialized in trading iron, steel, food technology and real estates… With a good leading qualification, in 2006, Ngo Huu Hoan was appointed to be  the company’s director general.

With the belief and desire of doing business in a new environment, Ngo Huu Hoan thought that with good orientation,  his company would overcome any difficulties to trade well and  make high profit.  Carrying out what had decided, thanks on large relationship and prestige in trading before, he received the support in loaning capital from some banks such as Vietcombank, Vietinbank, BIDV, Agribank… for his business. Through two successful shares issues, Thien Nam’s  chartered capital increased from 13 bn up to 80 bn VND..

The company’s achievements were regconized by 3 Golden cups “Stock Brand Award” in 3 consecutive years (2008 - 2010)  granted  by co-organizer Vietnam Association of Securities Business, Securities Magazine and Credit Information Center of Vietnam National Bank. Besides, the company was awarded many prizes and titles such as: Top 500 Vietnamese Largest Private Enterprises (VNR500) in 3 consecutive years. In early 2011, Thien Nam company was ranked in the Top 500 Vietnamese Fastest Growing Enterprises (FAST 500), Top 200 Vietnamese Leading Stock Brand Award (selected by the The Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations -VUSTA) and Vietnam Gold Star Award for Top 100 Vietnamese Typical Enterprises 2010 (granted by Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade).

The General Director of Thien Nam Trading Import and Export Joint Stock Company – Ngo Huu Hoan
The General Director of Thien Nam Trading Import and Export Joint Stock Company – Ngo Huu Hoan

Thanks to the development of business, Ngo Huu Hoan got favourable conditions to care for his employees’ life. He always thinks of how to improve his employees’ life and implement fully regulations on social welfare… Despite difficulties, the company’s leading board created  good conditions to help their employees to get income “this year is higher than prior year” around 25 percent. He has been always an exemplary mirror of solidarity and endless effort  to fulfil all duties in the company.

Ngo Huu Hoan has participated meaningful charitable activities. He thinks that when we achieved success in the market, we must think of other poor and unhappy people, care for them and share their difficulties.  This is the reason why he is always at the forefront of charitable and social activities such as: fostering Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, bringing up war invalids’ and martyrs’ children, building bridges and roads, helping people in the Central Vietnam  in  disasters and disabled children, giving scholarships to poor-fond of learning  students, building Gratitude houses… He also co-operated with others to launch a company‘s supporting fund  to help his employees in difficult circumstance. In 2010, the VUSTA awarded him the honourable title “Compassionate Entrepreneur”.

After many ups and downs in his life and business, Ngo Huu Hoan now is living in a happy family with full laughtes, a capable wife and two well-behaved children. He always thinks that behind his success is the image of his wife, who has not only always been beside him to  share all his difficulties, helps him to stand up after failures in trade, but being responsible for taking care of the family to put her husband at his ease in working.

“Success is not to win, but to be shared with others”, Hoan said.

(Source: Quang Country's Businessman)