Getting into green agriculture


Huynh Duc Anh Thi is a young man from Tam Thai commune (Phu Ninh district, Quang Nam province) who is involved in green agriculture. So, he chooses it for his start-up plan.

Huynh Duc Anh Thi and his orchid garden
Huynh Duc Anh Thi and his orchid garden

Anh Thi holds a Bachelor of Economics but is interested in orchids. He used to be a wholesaler distributing orchid flowers in Tam Ky city. To meet the excess demand of the market, he started to think of planting orchids in 2019.

Overcoming a lot of difficulties, his Mokara orchids can now grow well, producing flowers frequently and regularly.

Besides the garden of orchids, Anh Thi decided to plant safe vegetables because he found a big chance in this market.

His 300 m2 hydroponic vegetable garden was built next to the orchid garden on March 2020. Vegetables Anh Thi provides for the market include Brassica rapa, Bok Choy, Bomdong and other species.

To make sure that his products can be sold to customers at stable prices, Anh Thi cooperates with some local safe vegetable farms. He believes that he can get rich in his homeland.