Creation with solar lamps


The application of solar power and led technology in public places carried out by Pham Phu Hien, Director of Phu Hien Lighting Services and Trading Company Limited is the only representative of Quang Nam to be honoured as one of 75 Vietnamese innovations in 2020.

Pham Phu Hien (right) and solar lamps on Cham Islands
Pham Phu Hien (right) and solar lamps on Cham Islands

Hien began his bussiness 10 years ago but he loves study and has a passion of lighting. So, he has reached the products using solar energy, designing and producing several solar lamps that can be used in different areas.

Using solar power in public lighting is a good ideas because solar power never runs out. Moreover, solar lights in combination with LED technology help save energy effectively, contributing to sustainable energy solutions and environmental protection.

However, a set of solar light is rather expensive because its components are imported. So, Hien and his fellows has made the others with good quality but reasonable prices.

His products are highly appreciated. They are appropriate for different regions in Quang Nam province, especially the mountainous areas and islands. It is proper for public places and where there is not national grid electricity.

Hien’s company is now cooperating with Aurio Lighting Corporation to produce LED bulbs for export.