Creating space for safety vegetables

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(QNO) - Ngo Tan Quyen was a mechanical engineer graduate from the University of Danang. He found the potential values of clean vegetable farming models. So, he went to Gia Lai province to learn the technology of agricultural production.

Quyen began his model of fresh vegetable production called “Co Tham” in 2018. At that time, there were successful fresh agricultural models in Central Vietnam, especially in Quang Nam province.

According to Quyen, all hydroponic and organic farming techniques aim to increase the values of vegetables when the problems of food hygience and safety are more and more paid attention. So, he is focusing on the small-scale hi-tech models of fresh vegetable growing which can meet familial demands for vegetables. In addition, factors come to his notice in oder to attract his customers.

Quyen’s designs are a 5-stage automatic system of vegetable growing consisting of a mini motor, a bucket for nutritions,  a combination of an aquatic specialized tube and a PVC tube, a timer…They are operated by Israeli technology. Vegetables are planted without soil. The seeds will germinate on sponge cubes and coconut fibers to prevent pests’ attack. Besides, he helps his customers make safe pesticides from garlin, ginger, chilli, alcohol and water.

Each model of 2m2-fresh vegetable garden consisting of four or five million VND can produce 30kg vegetables a month enough for a family of 4 members. This model does not occupy much space but has high productivity and ensures the green and fresh space for the house. Until now,  Quyen has received many orders, especially large-scale projects.

At present, Quyen and his classmate Nguyen Van Thai  are experimenting with smartphone applied to control the vegetables growing system. Accordingly, the sensors will be installed to measure temperature and nutrient concentration, open and close valves. All the information  is shown on the smartphones with 3G or wifi connection so that the owner can adjust them as he likes.