Building the reishi brand of Quang Nam


(QNO) - Kieu Dong, living in Hoi An city (Quang Nam province), is successful in producing green ironwood mushrooms, a type of reishi which naturally grows on dead rotten limestone trees.

Green ironwood mushrooms in Kieu Dong’s mushroom farm
Green ironwood mushrooms in Kieu Dong’s mushroom farm

Reishi has long been well-known as a medicinal mushroom species.

Green ironwood mushrooms are useful for human health, especially for those with liver diseases.

So, after getting enough knowledge and experience in green ironwood mushroom production, Kieu Dong built a 300-square-metre mushroom farm in 2019.

To ensure that the quality of green ironwood mushrooms is equivalent to natural ones, Dong has bought 10 hectares of green ironwoods in Tien Lanh commune (Tien Phuoc district) for his mushroom farming.

In 2021, Kieu Dong founded CSTE Hoi An Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which is specialising in products made from green ironwood mushrooms such as wine, tea, and reishi extract.

The company is planning to produce candy and confectionary from green ironwood mushrooms, and provide an eco-tourism destination where people can directly experience mushroom cultivation and processing.

Not only does Kieu Dong pay  attention to the quality of his company’s products but he is also concerned about the environmental protection.

Kieu Dong
Kieu Dong

Kieu Dong hopes his reishi farm will develop well with good quality of green ironwood mushrooms.

At the same time, he will be able to preserve and develop the precious genetic resources of reishi mushrooms.

It is reported that the products of green ironwood mushroom produced by Kieu Dong’s company has been listed in the Top 10 Asian Development Brands in 2022.


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