Bringing new vitality to bamboo fine-art products

Kenny |

(QNO) - Vo Tan Tan family’s Taboo Bamboo shop in Hoi An city, Quang Nam province attracts visitors with unique bamboo products. Using available materials, Vo Tan Tan not only creates hi-applied and environmentally friendly products but also contributes to reviving a craft village.

Awakening a craft village

Cam Thanh was once a craft village in Hoi An city where various famous products were typically made of bamboo and coconut palm. The modern life seems to make the craft village lost in oblivion. Fortunately, some households in Cam Thanh commune are still keeping the village’s traditional career alive.

Mr. Tan was born and grew up in a handicraft family; so he has a special passion for fine-art products, especially the things made of bamboo and coco palm. His father, Mr. Vo Tan Muoi used to be a famous artist in Hoi An. Taboo Bamboo shop is popular with visitors and local residents for its fine arts handicrafts and household items made of bamboo. There are many interesting bamboo handmade products such as snails, penguins, dragonflies, cute puppets, tables, chairs, telephones, glasses, straws, chop sticks, bowls.

Coming to Taboo Bamboo, visitors can learn how to make bamboo and coco products. Luu Thanh Thao, a tourist from Ha Noi said she could make a bamboo glass. She was very surprised at what Taboo Bamboo brought to her.

Giving strength to bamboo

Along with handicraft products, bamboo vehicles including bicycle and electric cars under Taboo trade name are fathered by Vo Tan Tan. They are attractive to both domestic and foreign tourists. Tan’s bamboo bikes have followed tourists to some European countries.

Mr. Tan’s bamboo products have been present at some art performances in Hoi An and Ha Noi cities. Example, all the properties in À Ố show in Hoi An city are made of bamboo. He has also been invited to decorate some restaurants, cafes, resorts, hotels with bamboo.

The bamboo houses with coconut roofs have recently reappeared next to the modern houses. In Hoi An ancient city, the products made of bamboo and nipa palm have contributed to preserving the image of a simple, rustic, antique, green Hoi An and creating a typical cultural space.