An entrepreneur in eco-tourism


(QNO) - The story happens in the coconut-land of Cam Thanh commune (Hoi An city, Quang nam province), where Nguyen Tuan Lien, Director of Cam Thanh Discovery one member Co., Ltd. and the owner of Tuan Lien ecotourism was born, grew up and started up.

Nguyen Tuan Lien
Nguyen Tuan Lien

A talented barber

Tuan Lien was born in 1982 in a poor fishing family of 6 brothers and sisters. He had to leave school early and worked hard to earn living. Then, he felt interested in hairdressing. After a short time of an apprentice, he owned a small hairdressing salon in Hoi An city. As a man of talent, creativity and inquiring mind, Tuan Lien always had unique changes to attract and maintain his customers. It was also the reason why he used to own three hairdressing salons in this city.

However, there is now only one Tuan Lien hair salon at 200 Ly Thuong Kiet Street in Hoi An City. He reduces his salons to spend his time starting up in a new field, tourism though he is rather famous for hairdressing.

Tuan Lien at his ecotourism site
Tuan Lien at his ecotourism site

An eco-tourism entrepreneur

After about 2 years of planning, he decided to invest in ecotourism in his homeland, Cam Thanh commune. In 2012, he started his intention with a rest-stop for visitors in Cam Thanh coconut village. Then he went on the construction of an eco-tourism site in Van Lang village (Cam Thanh commune) with a bank loan. According to Tuan Lien, at the time he invested in eco-tourism in Cam Thanh, the tourism products in Hoi An were poor. His investment aimed to attract tourists to come and come back here.

Giving helps to the unfortunate people

Tuan Lien is not only known as a hairdresser, a tourism entrepreneur but a man of charity. He goes to everywhere to help the poor. He is now a member of Golden Bees group. Tuan Lien is one of 35 young people who have been honored as young creative talents 2017 by the provincial Youth Union.

Tuan Lien eco-tourism site is rather impressive and attractive to visitors by its structure and scene. It is a place of rich services of entertainment, cuisine and other activities. With a spaceful area, the site is an ideal place for group activities, especially Team building.

Community based tourism lessons

Tuan Lien recognizes that the success in ecotourism should be based on the local’s supports. Therefore, he has cooperated with the local residents; and the number of the households in the cooperation reaches to hundreds. Their income also increases, namely from VND 400 to 500 thousand a day in the tourism season. The happiness of the residents here is also his happiness because Cam Thanh is his homeland.

The Cam Thanh Discovery one member Co., Ltd now has 25 employees with an income of VND 3-10 million per month. In addition, there are hundreds of people of seasonal contracts, especially students from high schools and universities working in their summer holiday.