Quang Nam’s plan of a national leading industrial park

QNN 06/06/2022 00:21

(QNO) - Quang Nam is planning to develop a supporting and mechanical industrial park in the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone (OEZ).

A factory in Quang Nam
A factory in Quang Nam

Quang Nam is a national pioneer of creating a production cooperation model in which large corporations play key roles, cooperating with smaller companies and businesses to develop a production chain with high added values, contributing to the local development and joining global production value chains.

The Thaco Chu Lai Industrial Park is a typical example. Located in an area of over 1,280 hectares, Thaco Chu Lai is considered as the national largest centre for automotive industry and logistics and one of the top ones in the ASEAN region.

As a result, the Thaco Chu Lai industrial park will be the core, supporting and facilitating other businesses’ participation in the production chain, gradually building an ecosystem for the development of supporting and mechanical industries through production cooperation and technology transfer.

Thaco is making every effort to develop into a multi-purpose mechanical centre in Central Vietnam.

The development of the Chu Lai OEZ is recognised on the 25-year journey of Quang Nam provincial development.

A factory in Chu Lai OEZ 

Chu Lai has changed positively from a poor sandy region to a potential one with its powerful attraction to domestic and foreign investors.

The Chu Lai OEZ contributes more than two third of the total budget revenue of Quang Nam province.

The Chu Lai OEZ is regarded as a symbol of Quang Nam province, of the spirit of self-reliance and self-help to overcome difficulties.

The province is now playing an important role with great potential and strengths for more sustainable development.

In the Chu Lai OEZ, Thaco Chu Lai is like the top dog in the mechanical and automotive industries, leading smaller enterprises to the production chain.

Thaco Chu Lai
Thaco Chu Lai

Quang Nam is planning to develop supporting industries on a large scale, forming the largest industrial park to specialise in manufacturing spare parts in Vietnam.

So, the province is calling for joining Thaco Chu Lai's production value chain, especially in the fields of mechanical engineering, car manufacturing and assembling.

Its infrastructure is also upgraded and improved, especially the road, air and sea transport systems.

According to Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, it is necessary to accelerate regional connectivity that will support the industrial development in Quang Nam and the whole Central Vietnam.

Quang Nam is responsible for facilitating the development of a new generation of Thaco which will contribute to the growth of provincial, regional and national mechanical industries.

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Quang Nam’s plan of a national leading industrial park