Quang Nam: Efforts in investment attraction

QNN 06/02/2022 18:26

(QNO) - A lot of improvement in the provincial investment climate helps Quang Nam attract more and more businesses.

Thaco- Truong Hai sea port
Thaco- Truong Hai sea port

Government in service

According to Bodo Th.Boelzle- CEO of Amann Group from Germany, Quang Nam is the fastest place to deal with administrative procedures, which facilitates Amann’s success in Vietnam.

Reportedly, Amann sewing thread manufacturer under Amann Group with an investment of USD 14 million started to be built in late July of 2018 and put into operation a year later in Tam Thang industrial park (Tam Ky city).

Ms. Nguyen Thanh Ha from Hoian D'or, a complex of cultural and ecological tourism came into operation on the isle named Con Bap (Cam Nam, Hoi An) on April 18, 2020, said that Hoian D’or highly appreciates and feels grateful to Quang Nam authorities. Thanks to Quang Nam’s help and support, Hoian D’or has got over difficulties and becomes an ideal place for tourism and relaxation now.

It is good provincial services via administrative reforms that make Quang Nam one of the most competitive places in Vietnam, attract more and more investment projects.

In spite of negative impacts of Covid-19 in 2021, Quang Nam was still the destination of 32 more domestic and 6 more FDI projects. Currently, there are nearly 1050 enterprises running in Quang Nam.

Administrative reforms

On December 15, 2021, nearly 900 Thaco’s semi-trailers were exported to the USA. The number is expected to reach 20,000 as of 2022.

Thaco-Truong Hai port
Thaco-Truong Hai port

So, Thaco plans to build a new factory in Chu Lai. At the same time, mechanical and supporting industries have also been ready to join the production chain with Thaco through Quang Nam and Thaco promotion.

The success of investors in Quang Nam shows a good investment climate with suitable, reasonable, open and transparent mechanisms and policies.

Moreover, the applying of the geographic information system (GIS) and land data by the end of 2021 along with shortening the time of investment procedures helps improve Quang Nam investment climate.

An expectation of investment boom

Quang Nam is considered as a phenomenon of growth in Central Vietnam. It is one of the few provinces and cities around the country that drastically implement administrative reform, creating a good investment climate.

Hopefully, more and more investment projects are attracted to Quang Nam. And the locality will have more breakthroughs to boom investment.

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Quang Nam: Efforts in investment attraction