Prospects for tr'din syrup production

Translated by HO THU May 20, 2024 09:10

(QNO) - The start-up project on tr'din syrup production, Forest Foods: Organic Natural Sugar, won the third prize at the global competition for Social Business Creation (SBC).

Pham Thanh Hoang (R) and tr'din syrup

The project is aiming to create sustainable livelihoods for 3,000 households in the Quang Nam border area, protect the environment, and reduce carbon emissions.

Pham Thanh Hoang, Director of Tay Giang Forest Garden Food Joint Stock Company (Gari commune, Tay Giang), fell in love with Tay Giang when he went to do charity work there.

Then he had the chance to enjoy tr’din wine, also known as heaven wine, which is made by naturally fermenting the extract from tr’din trees.

Tr'din is a valuable species with therapeutic capabilities; thus, Hoang considered using this natural plant for local economic growth.

The tr’din tree (scientific name: Caryota Gigas) grows well at an altitude of more than 1,200m above sea level. It is quite popular in the Vietnam-Laos border area in Tay Giang district, so Hoang researched and tested producing tr'din syrup in the hope of helping ethnic minorities in the border areas improve their income, providing a solution to the local problem of stable livelihood. His effort also contributes to forest preservation.

Growing tr’din trees in Tay Giang mountainous areas

To ensure the raw materials for production, Hoang encourages local households to plant tr’din trees and provide tr’din extract for his company. This is an additional means of helping community members increase their income and lessen local poverty.

Tr’din syrup is similar to natural honey, containing antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that develop the body’s resistance. Thus, the accomplishment of the tr'din syrup project could contribute to the preservation of seven honeybee species in the forests of Tay Giang.

Reportedly, the project on producing tr'din syrup, Forest Foods: Organic Natural Sugar, ranked third at the SBC Competition 2023 held in Canada.

It contributes to the implementation of the 8/17 United Nations' sustainable development goals, including no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being, clean water and sanitation, decent work and economic growth, responsible consumption and production, climate action, and life on land.

Collecting tr’din extract

Tr'din syrup, which helps to stabilise blood sugar, is a product that may satisfy human demands for health and illness prevention because it is entirely produced from nature.

In addition, producers of foods, beverages, and pharmaceuticals are considering substituting natural sweeteners for sugar in their goods.

Additionally, customers can simply track the food's quality with the aid of blockchain technology when purchasing a Forest Food product.

These are all opportunities for tr'din syrup to grow its customer base and have access to bulk orders.

Tr’din syrup

The production of tr’din syrup neither harms people nor the environment because it does not discharge waste into water sources but decarbonises the supply chain.

Nursery and planting tr'din trees also contribute to greening forests and regenerating and preserving water sources.

The project's goal is to expand production links with nearly 1,000 households, provide more than 3,000 jobs for ethnic minorities, and contribute to ensuring local social security by supporting livelihood diversification associated with forest development and protection.

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Prospects for tr'din syrup production