Biodiversity in the Dam River

Translated by KIM OANH Mar 07, 2024 21:50

(QNO) - The Dam River is located in Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province. It owns a diverse and rich freshwater ecosystem typical of the South Central region. The biodiversity of the Dam River has been preserved to turn it into an interesting and attractive .

The Dam River plays an important role in building an ecological urban area in Tam Ky city. The river’s water surface area is about 200 hectares.
The Dam River has rich and diverse flora and fauna species, particularly, swallows in the 2007 Vietnam Red Book.
The "dances" of birds in the afternoon make the atmosphere in Dam River very cheerful.
Going to the Dam River, visitors may immerse themselves in the fresh, cool atmosphere and enjoy watching flocks of white storks flying over the river after a day of searching for food.
In particular, there will be several activities taking place at Bai Say - Dam River of the Year of Biodiversity Restoration - Quang Nam 2024.
Dam River.
Beautiful Dam River.

Translated by KIM OANH