JICA helps Quang Nam to develop fine arts craft villages

22/01/2015 07:39

(QNO) - On 14th January, a workshop on developing traditional fine arts and craft products of Quang Nam province for foreign tourists was co-orgnised in Tam Ky city by Quang Nam and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency).

According to the Japanese experts at the workshop, Quang Nam province has many valuable traditional craft villages. However, many of the producers have not paid attention to the important factor of customers’ psychology yet.

If paid more attention to the producing techniques, price and  promotion, all traditional fine arts and craft products will be able to meet customers’ demands, especially foreign tourists. Many craft villages have produced some parts of the products by machinery, which limits and reduces the  ingenuity and deep values of the products.

Basing on the particularity and cultural factor of each product as well as customers’ psychology, the Japanese experts shared their useful experiences with the artisans and producing firm owners to help  restore and develop traditional fine art craft villages in Quang Nam province.

Reportedly, at present, Quang Nam has 61 traditional craft villages, attracting dozen thousands rural labours, 24 of which were recognised as typical traditional villages.

However, most of products made by those craft villages  have not taken a firm position in the market, especially export market yet. To develop traditional craft villages’ products and look toward export, the localities’ authority has created many favourable conditions in loaning capital with low interest rate, supporting techniques, creating trade names and promoting their products. They will be also supported land renting fee and tax if they produce and do business in the local crafts villages or industrial parks.