Mid-Autumn lanterns in Hoi An


Hoi An lanterns are a cultural feature of Hoi An ancient town.

Making lanterns in Hoi An
Making lanterns in Hoi An. Photo: congthuong.vn

Making lanterns in Hoi An city, Quang Nam province is regarded as a traditional career. On the occasions of Mid-Autumn and New Year, lanterns are ordered most.

In spite of Covid-19, the number of Hoi An lanterns sold increases. It is known that Hoi An lanterns are very popular with both domestic and foreign customers.

Hoi An lantern frames are made of bamboo.
Hoi An lantern frames are made of bamboo. Photo: congthuong.vn

Hoi An lanterns are in different shapes and sizes from simple to complex. Artisans have to complete two phases of making a lantern, including making its frame and covering the frame with cloth.

Hoi An lanterns are hand-made products. They are famous for the cloth covering them. It is often silk or brocade, helping the lantern charming and attractive.

A lantern frame covered with cloth
A lantern frame covered with cloth. Photo: congthuong.vn

After completing two main phases, Hoi An lantern artisans have to perfect their products such as attaching fringes, making suspension hooks and decorating them. Lanterns can be folded to be more convenient for shipment.

Making lanterns can provide Hoi An residents with stable income, helping keep Hoi An culture alive.

Making a large lantern
Making a large lantern. Photo: congthuong.vn

Hoi An lanterns can be used to decorate houses. Hoianians far from Hoi An like to decorate their houses with lanterns because the laterns partly keep them from homesickness.

Hoi An lanterns in different colours
Hoi An lanterns in different colours. Photo: congthuong.vn

In Hoi An, every house is decorated with lanterns. It is the embodiment of the ancient beauty, peacefulness and charm of Hoi An city.

Lanterns in Hoi An
Lanterns in Hoi An. Photo: congthuong.vn