Vietnam-Laos solidarity


(QNO) - About 40 – 50 Lao students are yearly sent to Quang Nam for their study, which reflects the solidarity and friendship between Laos and Vietnam.

Lao students at Quang Nam University
Lao students at Quang Nam University

Lao students’ happiness

For Lao students, studying at the universities and colleges in Quang Nam is always their happiness. Besides getting professional knowledge, they can enjoy Vietnamese delicious foods, making friends with Vietnamese students and especially receiving a lot of attention from Vietnamese teachers and Quang Nam leaders. So, they love Quang Nam.

Quang Nam has given from 40 to 50 scholarships each year to Lao students (mainly from Champasak and Sekong provinces) studying in Quang Nam since academic year 2006-2007. They study Vietnamese, Vietnamese Studies, Information Technology among others. Up to now, there have been over 500 Lao students graduating from Quang Nam University and some colleges in the province.

At the exchange between leaders of Quang Nam province and Quang Nam University and Lao students, Lao Consul General in Da Namg city Viengxay Phommachanh expressed his gratitude for Quang Nam province’s and Quang Nam University’s help.

According to Viengxay Phommachanh, all the support is really important and significant. It not only helps Lao students have professional knowledge but also tightens the solidarity and friendship between two nations and two peoples.

Close friendship

The close friendship between Quang Nam and Lao provinces
The close friendship between Quang Nam and Lao provinces

The relations between Vietnam and Laos in general, Quang Nam and Lao provinces in particular have developed in all aspects, illustrating the solidarity and close friendship between these two countries, especially in the new era. 

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huynh Trong Duong, Rector of Quang Nam University, providing Lao students with education and training is not only a duty but also an honour Quang Nam University has. It contributes to the close friendship between Quang Nam and Lao provinces as well as between Vietnam and Laos.

Quang Nam University always facilitates Lao students’ life and study. On the occasions of Lao national celebrations, there are always exchanges between Lao and Vietnamese students to help Lao students integrate into Vietnamese living and studying environment.

Besides, through these events, both Vietnamese and Lao students can understand the long tradition of the two nations’ relations. It can be said that Vietnamese and Lao people become closer and closer. They are good friends.