Thank-you letter from Quang Nam


Vice Chairman of the Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee Tran Van Tan sent a letter to visitors on July 28, 2020.

Visitors to My Son Sanctuary
Visitors to My Son Sanctuary

He thanked them for choosing Quang Nam as one of their holiday destinations, helping revive Quang Nam tourism under the bad impacts of Covid-19. 

Via the letter, Mr. Tan felt sorry and wanted visitors to greatly sympathise with Quang Nam when their holidays in the province was interrupted due to new Covid-19.

The development of the Covid-19 epidemic is really complicated. Quang Nam is trying their best to fight against, control and prevent the spread of the disease, to make sure that everyone in Quang Nam is safe.

Mr. Tan hopes that Quang Nam is always popular with and in love of visitors. Quang Nam also wishes to welcome visitors in better conditions in the nearly future.