Quang Nam - Nagasaki cooperation promotion


(QNO) - Quang Nam (Vietnam) and Nagasaki (Japan) are planning to expand their cooperation in many fields.

Red-seal ship model - a gift from Nagasaki to Quang Nam
Red-seal ship model - a gift from Nagasaki to Quang Nam

Japanese merchants went to Hoi An for their business in the 17th century, which contributed to the prosperity of the Hoi An trading port then.

In particular, the marriage between Princess Ngoc Hoa and merchant Araki Sotaro established a special relationship between Quang Nam and Nagasaki, which developed and was officially signed in 2017 in Tokyo (Japan).

One of the gifts that shows the good relationship between the two provinces is the red-seal ship model Nagasaki gave to Quang Nam.

It is now displayed in the Japanese space in Hoi An (Quang Nam). Moreover, many interns from Quang Nam are studying and working in the healthcare industry in Nagasaki.

Currently, there are 18 Japanese FDI projects in Quang Nam with a total capital of USD 194 million, accounting for over 3% of the total FDI capital in the province.

Quang Nam wishes to promote more cooperation with Nagasaki in specialised medical technology, high-tech farming, organic agriculture, building new rural areas, cultural preservation and tourism development, and response to natural disasters.

According to the Governor of Nagasaki province Oishi Kengo, the cooperation proposals by Quang Nam are practical. It is necessary for the two parties to carefully consider the benefits of cooperation for both.


Vietnam, Japan cooperate in ocean waste management


Hanoi (VNA) - Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dang Quoc Khanh held a working session with Japanese Minister of Environment Nishimura Akihiro in Hanoi on August 25 regarding cooperation in environment protection and climate change response.

Vietnam - Japan friendship


(QNO) - The 3-day event of the 19th Hoi An - Japan Cultural Exchange 2023 taking place in Hoi An closed on the evening of August 6, setting up new cooperation opportunities and improving the Vietnam – Japan friendship.