Quang Nam Intelligent Operations Centre


The Intelligent Operations Centre of Quang Nam was launched on the morning of October 1.

Scene of the event
Scene of the event

The Intelligent Operations Centre (IOC) comes into operation under the management of the Quang Nam Department of Information and Communications.

It is the place of operating all socioeconomic activities in Quang Nam, and of leader- citizen technology- based interaction.

The IOC consists of 10 components, 8 of which have been completed: observation, socioeconomic operations, healthcare, education, authorities’ activities, public reflections, confidentiality, security, traffic safety, tourism, and environment.

Giving a speech at the event, Mr. Le Tri Thanh said the IOC is useful and helpful for both authorities at all levels and citizens. It serves the provincial digitalization, helping to build a digital government which is the base for a smart government in Quang Nam.

The IOC will be a huge data resource that can provide both central and local governments with enough information for their operations, promoting administrative reform.

Quang Nam IOC
Quang Nam IOC

To achieve the goal of an e-government, Quang Nam has made every effort to digitalize the local government at all levels.

According to Chairman Le Tri Thanh and leaders from local services, it is necessary to have an intelligent staff who have enough abilities and skills to upgrade, analyse and deal with the data timely.

Moreover, it is required that all governmental levels join hands with the IOC for the provincial develpement.