Quang Nam: an attractive and safe tourist destination


Chairman of the Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee Le Tri Thanh reported the updated information relating to the prevention of COVID-19 in Quang Nam province on January 18.

Foreign tourists in Hoi An city, Quang Nam province
Foreign tourists in Hoi An city, Quang Nam province
According to Chairman Thanh, there had not been any cases of COVID-19 (both locals and visitors) in Quang Nam province until February 18. The prevention and control of epidemic has been being drastically implemented all over the province.

All the provincial services, local authorities of all levels and travel agencies have been directed to control the epidemic well and to keep the locals and visitors safe from COVID-19.

In addtion, all the travel agencies and tourist attractions in Quang Nam province have also been instructed how to prevent and control the disease and they have done well till now.

Several methods such as disinfection spray, free delivery of face masks, providing body temperature meters and antibacterial cleaning products, and tracking visitors’ schedules have been carried out to ensure the safety of both visitors and local residents.

My Son Sanctuary, Quang Nam province
My Son Sanctuary, Quang Nam province
A list of health facilities in Quang Nam that have abilities to detect, diagnose, isolate and treat the disease has been announced.

All the suspected cases of COVID-19 in the province have been isolated under the procedure by the Ministry of Health. All the tourism activities in Quang Nam are currently taking place normally.

The number of tourists to Quang Nam, especially from Europe, is still large, which was reported by some press agencies such as Tuoi Tre (on February 12 and 15) and Dan Tri (on February 15). Accommodation and recreation facilities, restaurants and tourist attractions are now still open to visitors.

Hopefully, the situation updates on COVID-19 the Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee has been reporting help people and visitors keep their mind on work and travel in Quang Nam.