Joining hands in fighting Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam


According to Doan Quang Viet (Quang Nam province), a member of the Support Fund for Vietnam against Covid-19 under the Vietnam Busineness Association in the Republic of Korea (VIBAK), this association is calling Vietnamese community and businesses in South Korea for supporting Vietnam in fighting against the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).


VIBAK announced that Covid-19 pandemic has spread to more than 160 countries around the globe so far. Vietnam has also reported new cases of Covid-19.  

The Vietnamese Government has repatriated thousands of overseas Vietnamese for fear of Covid-19, providing them with free accommodations for quarantine and medical treatment.

So, Prime Minister of Vietnam has called for the support from every Vietnamese citizen, especially overseas Vietnamese people and businesses in this difficult time of resistance to Covid-19.

Responding to the Vietnamese Prime Minister’s call, VIBAK called for the support from Vietnamese communities in South Korea through the bank account number 우리은행 (WooriBank): 1002-949-874263 (이미현).

VIBAK will send all donations to the Vietnamese Government as soon as possible. At the same time, VIBAK will make all contributions transparent via the fanpage: #VIBAK: Email: