Job opportunities in Japan


(QNO) - A talk about human resources exchange between Nagasaki prefecture (Japan) and Quang Nam province (Vietnam) took place in Quang Nam province on November 18.

Scene of the event
Scene of the event

Earlier, an MoU of human resources exchange was signed by Quang Nam and Nagasaki in Nagasaki prefecture in October 2019. According to this MoU, Quang Nam’s labors would be facilitated to work in Nagasaki. Then, a Japan’s center for job services was founded in Quang Nam to recruit and prepare talented workers for Japanese labor market. Medical College of Quang Nam is also responsible for talented human resources for health who will work in Nagasaki.

At the talk, the delegation from Nagasaki was informed of Quang Nam’s support mechanisms for teaching Japanese, vocational training and preferential loans. Quang Nam wished Nagasaki to create job and living opportunities for Vietnamese labors in the prefecture. At the same time, Nagasaki prefecture should introduce Japanese companies who need to recruit workers. It is expected that there will be about 20- 30 labors recruited to Japan in June 2020.

According to Manabu Sadakata from the Industry and Labor Department of Nagasaki, 21 Japanese enterprises now need 63 workers in fisheries and construction. He thought there would be more need of labors after this visit. Moreover, Nagasaki will have more surveys and detailed information about Japan’s labor need so that Quang Nam can prepare human resources.