Cooperation for development


(QNO) - During his reception for the delegation from Osan city (Geonggy province, South Korea) led by Mayor Kwak Sang Wook on September 9, Chairman of Quang Nam province Dinh Van Thu talked about good friendship exchange and cooperation between Quang Nam and some South Korean localities. Quang Nam continues to promote the development of industry and services, especially in key economic regions. Mr. Thu hoped Mayor Kwak Sang Wook to help Quang Nam attract more investors from Osan city.

Mayor Kwak Sang Wook (L) and Chairman Thu.
Mayor Kwak Sang Wook (L) and Chairman Thu.

Chairman Thu said, Quang Nam agreed on Panko Group’s production expansion. It is one of large-scale enterprises from South Korea in Quang Nam, creating job opportunities for 7,000 local laborers.

In the reception, Mayor Kwak Sang Wook said his delegation was very emotional when attending the program for the 20th anniversary of UNESCO's recognitions of My Son Sanctuary and Hoi An ancient town as world heritage sites and the 10th anniversary of Cham Islands-Hoi An World Biosphere Reserve. He will better the friendsship and cooperation between Quang Nam and Osan.