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New vitality in the Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc Industrial Park

Translated by Q.THU Mar 20, 2024 10:01

(QNO) - A lot of businesses have revived and developed in the Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc Industrial Park (IP) in Dien Ban, Quang Nam province, contributing to creating more motivation for Quang Nam economic growth in 2024.

Working conditions at Quoc Quang Company

Efforts to grow

Quoc Quang Company (Chinese investment capital) officially started building a 4-hectare electronic component factory in the Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc IP in 2019.

Since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has returned to its operation with continuously increasing revenue, from USD 36.4 million in 2021 to over USD 86 million in 2023, providing more than 670 jobs for the locals.

Bāng Háo Fàn, CEO of Quoc Quang Company, said that the company will expand its scale of production in the Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc IP by 7 hectares with a capital of USD 90 million. The company has also planned to attract other supporting industries to Quang Nam. Then, Quoc Quang Company can provide approximately 10 thousand jobs.

A preliminary survey of a number of businesses in the Dien Nam -Dien Ngoc IP revealed that many businesses there have overcome the difficulties.

Working conditions of a company in the Dien Nam-Dien Ngoc Industrial Park

A Spanish-invested company, Premo Co. Ltd., reached a revenue of VND 690 billion in 2023, providing jobs for nearly 750 local labourers.

Facilitating businesses’ development

Dien Nam-Dien Ngoc Industrial Park

During the recent working visit of the provincial leaders at the Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc IP, Nguyen Lanh, Director of Quang Nam - Da Nang Urban and Industrial Park Development Company, said that production and business activities have been prospering at this industrial park.

At the same time, he proposed some solutions for investment attraction, including infrastructure, human resources, institutions, and administrative procedure reform. Among them, the last was very important, facilitating businesses’ operations.

Workers from the Dien Nam-Dien Ngoc Industrial Park

According to Bāng Háo Fàn, several Chinese companies are planning to invest in Vietnam, especially Central Vietnam. So Quang Nam is a candidate.

It is necessary for Quang Nam Nam to further promote its advantages to attract supporting businesses, suppliers for the electronics industry, etc.

According to Deputy Chairman of the Quang Nam Provincial People’s Committee, Ho Quang Buu, Quang Nam is always accompanying businesses, supporting them, and facilitating their production and business activities.

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New vitality in the Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc Industrial Park