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New discovery: A divine road into My Son Sanctuary

Translated by HO THU Apr 12, 2024 07:30

(QNO) - The discovery of a holy road into the My Son Sanctuary, built by the ancient Champa people, is an important event. It is the first accurate information after over 100 years of research in this relic area.

The divine road from tower K east to My Son Sanctuary

According to a report on archaeological exploration and excavation in the My Son Sanctuary, a road formerly led east of tower K in the relic area. So, before the relic is restored and preserved, more archaeological excavations of this holy road must be conducted.

According to archaeological experts, it is the first time they have known about a ‘divine road’ built by the ancient Chams leading to My Son Sanctuary. The discovery shows a new developing period of My Son after the 10th century, including tower groups K, H, G, and E4.

The road also expresses the importance of My Son in the Champa people’s spiritual life as a gathering place for gods throughout their history.

In fact, the archaeological discovery in 2017 and 2018 showed that Tower K features two doors on its east and west faces, and that two wall segments of a road runs from its east to tower groups E and F.

Architectural vestiges of the road discovered

The information about this sacred road was verified after an archaeological exploration was carried out in an area of 20m2 around tower K in June 2023.

Accordingly, a 2-month project on archaeological exploration and excavation in a 220m2 area east of tower K was implemented from March 1 to April 29, 2024.

Traces of the sacred road

As a result, the structure of an architectural road was revealed from the east of tower K.

The total length of the road from the foot of tower K is 52.5m and 9m wide, including the 7.9m roadbed and two brick-lined walls. Its surface is 0.15–0.2m thick, flat, and made of sand, gravel, and compacted rubble.

It is conjectured from the discovery that the road may be 500 - 600m long, leading to a mandapa or a yard before tower F.

A seminar on the new discovery of the sacred road in My Son

The road is estimated to have been built in the 12th century. It may have functioned as a road for gods or for Champa kings and monks to go to the centre of My Son to make offerings. In other words, it was a sacred road.

The road from tower K to My Son centre

According to archaeological experts, it is necessary to do more research before its restoration, thereby updating new and more comprehensive information about the My Son cultural, historical, and structural space.

The discovery also contributes to further promotion of My Son cultural and historical values and tourism development there.

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New discovery: A divine road into My Son Sanctuary