More conservation expectations for Cham Islands waters

Translated by HO THU Jun 13, 2024 08:20

(QNO) - The project on establishing a network of marine reserves in Central Vietnam has been selected for the final review process, raising hopes for additional effective resources to support marine conservation efforts in Cham Islands waters in Quang Nam.

Marine conservation in Cham Islands waters

The project was developed by World Vision International (WVI) in collaboration with its technical partners, including the World Wild Fund for Nature in Vietnam (WWF-Vietnam) and the Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD). The project gets a funding sponsor from the Blue Action Fund.

Establishment of a marine reserve network

The project is planned to be implemented in the Cham Islands Marine Park (Quang Nam), the Con Co Marine Protected Area (Quang Tri), Son Tra (Da Nang), and their surrounding areas.

It is estimated to last around four or five years and cost over 4.3 million euros, 75% of which is provided by the Blue Action Fund.

WVI talking about the project

The project aims to promote marine biodiversity conservation and enhance the sustainability of local community livelihoods; thereby providing lessons that contribute to improving the effectiveness of marine reserve networks worldwide.

Through the project, WVI is aiming to establish a system of marine protected areas in Central Vietnam, in which Cham Islands and Con Co are sustainable models, supporting the establishment of a new marine reserve in Son Tra peninsula waters.

As a result, the project will address the challenges in marine biodiversity conservation, local livelihoods, and resilience to climate change in the region.

Compatibility Calculation

WVI hopes to implement an effective management plan for the marine protected areas in the Cham Islands waters.

By the end of the project, the local communities on the Cham Islands, Con Co, Son Tra, and their neighbourhoods will have sustainable livelihoods, enhance their resilience to natural disasters and climate change, ensure gender equality, and encourage the participation of vulnerable groups.

Cham Islands waters

The waters of Cham Islands covers an area of about 23,530 hectares, divided into 4 areas. The protected area is over 192 hectares. The restoration area is over 192 hectares. The rest is reserved for services, administration, and buffer zones.

The Cham Islands are distinct from Con Co and Son Tra in a number of characteristics. As a result, the models and implementation strategies must be in line with reality and not clash with other enacted conservation and management regulations.

The leaders of Hoi An state that in order to meet multiple objectives, including the conservation of seed sources, livelihoods, and the optimisation of the effectiveness of preventing illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing, the project should take into account the transformation of livelihoods for the locals involved in shoreline scraping and fishing activities.

Hoi An is looking forward to the implementation of the project in order to enhance the effectiveness of marine conservation and other targets in Cham Islands areas, creating connections within the network of marine reserves in Central Vietnam.

According to Tran Anh Tuan, Deputy Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, Quang Nam appreciates the WVI for its current and upcoming projects in the province.

The province, as well as its departments and services, will coordinate with WVI to deepen the programme and achieve the expected results.

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More conservation expectations for Cham Islands waters