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Lifestart Foundation scholarships for medical students

Translated by Q.THU Apr 18, 2024 09:27

(QNO) - The Lifestart Foundation (Australia) has just awarded 25 more General Medicine and Residency scholarships to underprivileged medical students in Central Vietnam.

Karen Leonard OAM (with flowers) and medical students winning the scholarships

This latest cohort comprises 16 full-time university students in general medicine at Hue University of Medicine and 4 medical university students at Da Nang University of Medical Technology and Pharmacy.

Besides, there are five more scholarships for four residents at Hue University of Medicine and one at Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

These scholarships consist of financial aid, nine new laptops, and an English course with a total value of US$189,560 (equivalent to more than VND4.7 billion).

The 25 students winning the scholarships are all underprivileged and have excellent academic achievements.

The Lifestart Foundation has awarded 64 scholarships to students at Hue University of Medicine and Da Nang University of Medical Technology and Pharmacy since 2018. The total value of these scholarships is US$540,000 (equivalent to VND13.5 billion). Many of these students come from Quang Nam.

New doctors who received the Lifestart Foundation Medical Scholarships

Karen Leonard OAM, Founder of the Lifestart Foundation, feels extremely proud of providing scholarships to excellent medical students, thereby contributing to nurturing their fine minds, facilitating their unleashing full potential.

Over the past two decades, the Medical Scholarship programme has been the most significant project that the Lifestart Foundation has invested in underprivileged students in Vietnam, helping them continue their educational journey and fulfil their dreams of becoming highly educated healthcare professionals.

The Lifestart Foundation scholarships are only awarded to economically disadvantaged students with excellent academic achievements and a willingness to contribute to the community.

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Lifestart Foundation scholarships for medical students