Tam Ky looks forward a green urban


(QNO) - Since the day of  Quang Nam province reestablishment  in 1997, Tam ky city has continued to do its best to become a clear, green, beautiful, civilizing and modern urban and a second class city of Viet Nam in 2015.

With 6 rivers flowing through the city (Truong Giang, Tam Ky, Ban Thach, Dam and Ky Phu)  3 moutains (Dai, Cam, Baty) and 2 hills (An Ha, Tra Cai),  Tam Ky city has many favourable natural conditions to become an green urban. Besides, Tam Ky city also has many famous tourism sites.

Recently, the overall project plan of Tam Ky city was largely introduced to public for taking people’s and experts’ opinion before being approved.

Accordingly, Tam Ky will be developed toward a green urban. Its sustainable development based on undertaking some main duties such as: it’s  a center of administration, politics, culture, society, education, scientific research of Quang Nam province and supporting the focus economic regions and urbanization with the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone and Hoi An city.

According to architect Nguyen Tan Van, former Deputy Minister of Construction Ministry, Chairman of Vietnam Architects Association, green urban construction will be an indispensable trend for Tam Ky city.

Going along with the green urban development, Tam Ky city will be enlarged toward the south where the Ban Thach river flowing across to take full advantage of natural conditions. Tam Ky city will be linked with a new urban zone which will be built on the other side of Ban Thach river and lengthened to Tam Thanh beach.

Tam Thanh Beach Tourism and Resort zone.
Tam Thanh Beach Tourism and Resort zone.

It will be a “green capital” of the city, an environmental urban covered by mountains, sea, rivers, lakes and rice fields. The administrative center will be located in front of the Song Dam lake. This construction will make the motive power for new urban zone development as well as creating favourable conditions to link Tam Ky city with the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone and Phu Ninh Tourism site.

Traffic project in Tam Ky city is also paid attention. Two important routs will be invested to build: Le Thanh Tong street (toward North-South direction) will be rebuilt with human resource training centers, hi-tech industrial zones, administrative offices…Dien Bien Phu street (East-West direction) will be rebuilt with commercial and service centers, trading quarters.

In last three years, Tam Ky city invested over 2,000 billion VND to build infrastructure, enlarge the urban scope and play an important role to push the social-economic development of Quang Nam province. However, because of lacking of investment capital, the urban infrastructure development of Tam Ky city still remaining many hard problems to be resolved. Hope that with the new project overall plan and the efforts of local authority and people in implementation, the aim of becoming a second class city of Viet Nam in 2015 of Tam Ky city will come true.