Seeking market for Hoi An salangane’s nest


(QNO) - The salangane’s nest trading in Hoi An city is a “hot” problem at the present time. This golden and high class product had been sold continuously in many years before and brought an important budget source to the city. Since the year 2012, salangane’s nest trading has been being iced.

An happy signal

Preparing to exploit salangane’s nest  Cu Lao Cham(Cham Island, Hoi An city).
Preparing to exploit salangane’s nest Cu Lao Cham(Cham Island, Hoi An city).

“It’s the first time in the salangane’s nest trading history, the amount of salangane’s nest in stock in 2012 was as equivalant as 70 billion VND (nearly 3,5 mn USD). We tried many ways to sell out with an amount of 40 billion VND. This poor result  affected bad to the implemention of local levy. How to sell the salangane’s nest in stock rapidly, therefore, has become a big problem of city’s leaders since the last month of 2002”, said  Mr Le Van Giang, Chairman of Hoi An People’s Committee (PC).

Many ways for improving salangane’s nest business have been being applied  to end difficulties. The local authority and traders have done their best to approach the market, enlarged the wholesale network, diversified consumming forms, etc… This  afford brought them first results: the amount of salangane’s nest sold in last 3 months as aquivalent as 50 bn VND, in which the total value of salangane’s nest in retail sale reached around 20 billion VND. This happy number brought us hope in the future.

Salangane’s nests exploiting season begins in April and August.
Salangane’s nests exploiting season begins in April and August.

According to Giang, Hoi An city should continue bringing into play what they had done to create new advantages in salangane’s nest trading as well as making concrete and detail projets to improve this business stablely.

To change the way of trading

The PC of Hoi An city has just issued a decision on developing the  system of salangane’s nest retail sale. From now to the year 2017, Hoi An shall establish the network of retail sale shops, co-operation restaurants and sale agents in Hoi An, Da Nang,  Hai Phong, HCM city… The Hoi An salangane’s nest  shall be registered its trade mark and quality and applied new technology in producting and multiforming the products to meet customers’ demands. Hoi An authority shall built iced-warehouses to maintain processed salangane’s nest as well as researching and seeking new markets to sell salangane’s nest following the rate of exploitation.

Hoi An salangane’s nests contains high nutritious content.
Hoi An salangane’s nests contains high nutritious content.

At the recent meeting with leaders and chief officers of Hoi An city and Tan Hiep commune, Mr Nguyen Su, Party secretary of  Hoi An requested them to pay more attentions to the promotion and introduction about the nutritious value and quality of Cu Lao Cham - Hoi An salangane’s nest to customers in both domestic and oversea.

Mr Su emphasized the specific characteristics to identify Cu Lao Cham’s salangane’s nest: “On historical aspect, in the past time, salangane’s nests were tied up by strings which made of corn tree. Customers domestic and in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong… could indentify Hoi An salangane’s nest just  by seeing this string. Moreover, these old packings could maintain salangane’s nest well for a long time. We are now still planting corn tree, why don’t us imitate to do so?…”. It’s the time to change the way of  salangane’s nest trading habit, Su said.