Red carpet for investment in Quang Nam


(QNO) - New regulation has recently issued by the People’s Cotmmittee of Quang Nam province on project investment shall grant more favourable conditions and good opportunities to both domestic and oversea investors.

According to this regulation, all investors have right for choice and decision of project implementation following the suitable investing forms, enjoy investment encouragement and preference  policy in accordance with regulations of Vietnam Government. The Chu Lai Open Industrial Zone will be enjoyed the highest investment preference. Other 15 of 18 districts belonging to the extensive area list of investerment preference on ground space, enterprise income tax, import tax… in accordance with the regulations of Vietnam Government.

The land rental price in the infrastructure facilities built areas in the industrial zone will be one-third only in compare with other areas. Based on investment field, the projects to be invested in infrastructure facilities unbuilt areas can be free of  land rental within 11 years, 15 years or operating duration of the projects.

The projects shall be given a part of financial for site clearing, vocational training, building houses for employees, commercial promotion, products introduction and advertisement. Besides general provisions, for large scale and significal projects, Quang Nam authority will co-ordinate with investors to propose the government to grant specific assistance policy.

Implementing “one door” policy in doing administrative procedures for all investment projects, shortening the time and investors will not pay any fees for administrative procedures, except the ones regulated byVietnam Government.