Quang Nam Gas-Electricity-Fertilizer Center project calling for investment

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(QNO) - One million USD is the total investment capital for the Quang Nam Gas-Electricity-Fertilizer Center project. It will be located on an area of 500 ha in Binh Phuc (or Binh Giang ) commune, Thang Binh district.

All investor who have financial capacity and experience in the fields of  exploiting, processing, producing and trading petroleum and products processed from petroleum…can carry out this project under 100% FDI or joint-venture investment forms.

The project’s aims are to build a gas transporting pipeline system from East sea to the project’s zone, gas warehouses, a processing and producing products from gas factory, an electricity power plant and a fertilizer production from gas factory.

The investor will be exempted land and water face rental expenditure in 11 years; the enterprise income tax rate will be 20% in 10 years, 2 first years exemption and a 50% reduction for the following 4 years. In addition, the import tax for equipments and machines to create fixed assets will be exempted and the investors will be given a part of expenditure for  land clearance compensation.